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Straps, Wraps & Sleeves

Get the most from your workout and guard against both minor and major injuries with Performance Sports Nutrition's range of wraps, straps and sleeves.

Having the right equipment when you go for a training or bodybuilding session is crucial if you want to make the most of the time you spend in the gym and guard against injuries ranging from callouses to strains. With our range of training straps, training wraps and elbow and knee sleeves you know you'll be adequately protected.

We've a wide range to choose from including boxing glove inners, boxing wraps, lifting straps, grips, wrist wraps, grip pads, knee wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist supports and deadlifting socks.

See our range in our North Sydney store or buy online and we'll ship your order to you anywhere in Australia.

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Harbinger Big Grip Padded Lifting Straps (Loop and Tail)
You only get one chance to make something happen on the first try. When it comes to lifting weights,..
Harbinger Power Knee Wraps
If you’ve ever had a knee injury then you know the extreme importance of protecting it from fu..
Harbinger Redline Knee Wraps
When it comes to free weight leg lifts, knee support is critical. The’re a number of different knee ..
Rappd Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Rappd Heavy Duty Wrist Straps
Rappd Loop And Tail Lifting Straps
Schiek Elbow Sleeve
Schiek Sports Elbow Sleeve is made from a breathable neoprene, gives you excellent complete elbow su..
Schiek Knee Sleeves
Schiek Knee Sleeves are designed by and endorsed by Olympic Champion Weightlifter Tommy Kono. The 1/..
Schiek Lifting Straps (Loop and Tail)
Extra durable and carrying the trusted Schief trademark, these high performance lifting and bodybuil..
Schiek Ultimate Wrist Support
The Schiek Sports Ultimate Wrist Supports are durable, non-stretch wrist wraps measuring ¼” in thi..
Schiek Ultimate Wrist Support with Lifting Strap
Schiek Ultimate Wrist Support with Lifting Strap is a strap and wrist support all in one. This is a ..
Titan Deadlifting Socks
Titan Deadlifting Socks are ideal for protecting your shins from the scrape of the bar while making ..
Titan Knee Sleeves
Titan MAX RPM Knee Wraps are the perfect tool with their cutting edge woven elastic fabric technolog..
Titan MAX RPM Knee Wraps - 2 Metres
Titan MAX RPM Knee Wraps are the ultimate tool with their cutting edge woven elastic fabric technolo..
Titan MAX RPM Wrist Wraps - 50cm