Allmax Taurine - 400g Powder

Brand: Allmax
Product Code: Allmax Taurine - 400g Powder

Allmax Taurine - 400g Powder

Does your workout or bodybuilding routine feel like it's lacking in something? If so you need Allmax's Taurine 100% pure pharmaceutical grade powder.

If you're lacking in focus and feel like you need an energy boost, this is the powder for you. It even helps to improves the composition of your body.

What is Taurine? Taurine is a non-essential Amino acid and is one of the most abundant Amino acids in your central nervous system, white blood cells, brain and skeletal muscles. An extra input of Taurine can therefore help take you to that extra level when exercising.

The beauty of the Allmax Taurine powder is that you can add it to absolutely anything you want thanks to its pure properties. This white crystalline powder doesn't taste of anything, it mixes easily and it's not loaded with sweeteners. In fact, it is sweetener free!

When your body is tired due to the intensity of your workouts your body doesn't produce enough Taurine - but with Allmax's supplements you can be sure of an extra, essential - and completely safe - boost.

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