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Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide

With the lead-up to Christmas, we know many of you have been working hard to balance your exercise and hectic work schedule while trying to eat right. But in this jolly period with Christmas parties, after-work drinks, stressful shopping trips all added into the schedule, the reality is that your well planned meals and exercise will more than likely, rate a little lower on your priority list. So instead of unrealistically telling you to ban all "bad" foods, exclude all sugars and wipe-out fun over the holiday period, we thought we could give you some tips to help you cope and better manage you body and health during the indulgent season. Here are our top tips: 

BE PREPARED: If you know you have a long day ahead of you, rather than eating anything (and everything), keep a high protein and low carb snack with you at all times. e.g. protein bar or a protein powder in a shaker (just add water). This will get you through any stages of cravings so that you can make a better, healthier choice come meal time.


If you have drinks with friends/colleagues planned later in the day, make sure you keep your water levels up. This will minimise hang-over headaches which can be caused by dehydration. General water recommendation is 2 litres of water a day, plus an extra litre for every hour you exercise on the day. For next-day hangovers, try a B-Complex vitamin, it should help.

: You can generally stick to healthy meals even if it's during Christmas lunches & dinners. Rather than choosing a high carb meal i.e. pasta or rissoto, go for chicken, steak or seafood with veggies or salad (hold the chips). And if it's time for dessert, try sharing rather than having a full serve to yourself.

During over-indugling periods, it is important to help keep your gut in good health (immune system health issues tend to start from gut problems). Glutamine is very effective and is easy to use. Simply add to your water, protein or preferred non-acidic drink.

Being consistent with fish oil will stabilise insulin. Stabilising insulin will ensure energy remains stable, sugar cravings are reduced/eliminated as well as improving mood and decision making - helping you stay on track. General dosage recommendation is 5mls/1 teaspoon (for liquid) or 2-3 caps, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try have some time to yourself to relax and de-stress. It can be as simple as going to bed 30 minutes earlier to read a book, meditate or going for a walk. De-stressing can help you deal better with stressful periods PLUS is an important factor for fat-loss. If you have trouble winding-down, use magnesium before bed. It is known as a natural relaxant. As quoted by the Dalai Lama "Sleep is the best meditation".

So, there you have it. Tips that can help you survive the Christmas holidays. Just remember it's all about moderation, having fun and making sure you remember to show your body and mind some TLC.

Note: This must be used as a guide. Always read the Label of all products and medications. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

Added 2013/07/21 Author: Helen Kantilaftis

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