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K.I.S.S Your Fat Good Bye

Want to lose fat? Want the results to actually last? Then K.I.S.S. it, Keep It Simple Stupid. You may have heard/seen this acronym before, but it couldn't be more perfect for this purpose. 

There is also a magic potion that will miraculously do it all for you. OK, we lied. It takes discipline and dedication to get rid of the annoying (and stubborn) body fat. Supplements are a great tool you can use to help you achieve your goals and lose fat faster, more effectively and efficiently. But you must K.I.S.S. it. So here are the Simply Stupid tips you MUST follow & supplements that will help you get there:

  1. Get good sleep: Simple? We believe so. Getting good sleep minimises the stress hormone cortisol from creating havoc to your body. You will also find that sugar cravings will minimise, you feel psychologically more positive and you will have the energy to train harder. 
    Recommendations: You can start by introducing magnesium before bed. If you drink caffeine or energy drinks, minimise intake during the day and finally, you can also try pre-bed supplements that help you achieve better and deeper sleep, while also helping recovery.
  2. Eat good food: Pretty obvious right? It’s the basic rules people forget although they’re the most important. Eating plenty of vegetables, make them colourful (red, green, yellow & purples), always vary your protein sources & try using organic where possible.
    Recommendation: If you struggle to eat your fruits and veggies, we have a variety of superfoods, greens and vegetable powders. You simply mix them with water and enjoy. Samples are available in-store.
  3. Have a plan: Plan your meals, vitamins, supplements & training. If you don’t plan it, you’re less likely to do it. Things to try include:
    • Pre-prepare meals: You may choose to prepare and freeze meals ahead of time, once dinner is done you can pack left overs for the next day, or if you are short for time, you may want to try Muscle Meals Direct. They deliver pre-weighed and prepared meals on a weekly basis, and their meals can be altered to suit personal macro requirements.
    • Keep you vitamins where you will remember them: Morning vitamins/supplements can be kept in the coffee cabinet, during the day supplements/vitamins can be kept on your work desk or drawer and evening vitamins/supplements can be kept by your bed. Anything that can make you remember to take them, do it! The more consistent you are with taking them, the better you feel. 
    • Create a training schedule and put in on the fridge: Set yourself up to be reminded and to make yourself accountable for your training schedule by putting it in your face, day, after day, after day, after… you know how it goes. Try to actually write down your training schedule. On a psychological level, you are more likely to execute your schedule if you actually write it, with a pen!
  4. Have a back-up plan: Not everything always goes to plan and meals are often neglected. But if you always have a back up you will be able to stay on track. For our busy clients we often recommend they keep a protein bar in their bag at all times for this purpose. They are full of protein, there are many low sugar options, as well as all natural and high fibre options also available. 
  5. Stay motivated: Get a personal training, a training partner or join a boot camp. Knowing someone is relying on you can often motivate you enough to get you to stick to your training schedule. You don’t want to be the one who “bailed-out”, do you? No matter how big or small the budget, you can find the right setup to suit you. If you can spend the money for a 1-on-1 with a trainer, then get a trainer. To make it more cost effective, get a friend to join and split the cost and let the trainer kick both your butts. If you and the friend are super motivated, just rely on yourselves and schedule the time to meet at the gym and train outside. Alternatively, you can join a local or lunch time boot camp group. You don’t need to know anyone there, just rock-up, train hard, and it’s also cost effective. Need a recommendation? Contact us and we can refer someone for you.
  6. Need a little boost, use the right supplements: Remember supplements are excellent to help you get the results you need more efficiently. Depending on your goals, problem area(s) or hindering training issues, supplements can provide you with a very simple solution. Here are some popular issues and recommended supplements:   
    • Need energy: If you train in the morning or lunch time, an energy supplement that also doubles as a fat burner would be a good option. A specific product would be Better Body - Body Form, which does just that. You would simply drink it 30 minutes before training. For those who train late at night, caffeine may keep you awake therefore opt for a non-stimulant option (remember, sleep is important). Products like Green Tea and L-Carnitine are a good alternative and allow the body to utilise fat for energy.
    • Getting cramps: Cramps are often brought-on by low magnesium & electrolyte levels. People tend to experience cramping once training intensity increases due to the loss of magnesium through sweating. We often start customers off with trying a simple solution, magnesium before bed. Magnesium also helps with making you feel more relaxed and can promote better sleep.
    • Suffering sugar cravings: First recommendation is to make sure sleep is good, meals are not missed and sugary foods are minimised. A protein powder would be recommended to be used as a snack and once that is sorted, we like to introduce fish oil, which assists in balancing sugar levels & minimising cravings in between meals. Fish oil also helps with fat loss.
    • Don’t have time to prepare meals: This is an easy one, try Muscle Meals Direct. They prepare and deliver meals with all macro requirements met as required.

It’s about keeping things simple. Don’t let it get too complicated and be patient. Remember, your body fat didn’t increase over 1, 2 or 6 weeks. It’s probably accumulated over months and even years, so don’t expect everything to change in 1 week. 

Be consistent and K.I.S.S. your fat good bye.

Added 2013/09/16 Author: Helen Kantilaftis

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