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Marathon, Triathlon and Endurance Supplementation Guide

Marathon, Triathlon and Endurance Supplementation Guide

It's that time again, when early mornings and hours of strenuous training is making a solid presence in your weekly schedule, trying to get into reasonable performance condition for City to Surf or an upcoming marathon.

So after months of hybernation during winter, how do you get your body performing at its best on the day? Providing your body with the right fuel and nutrients during training, pre-race, during the race and recovery are all important factors.

Symptoms you may experience during training and/or during the race

  • Lack of energy
  • Cramps and muscle spasms
  • Dehydration
  • Irritation or loss of focus (that finish line may seem unachievable)


Overcoming these symptoms

Do not fret, we have all the right remedies that will see you through these issues, which will assist you in maintaining stamina, optimising performance and seeing you past that finish line in one piece (and with your personal best time). Our recommendations are as follows:

Endura Rehydration Formula: It is crucial that your body is hydrated, loaded with magnesium (to minimise cramps, muscle spasms and focus) as well as boosting carbohydrates for energy. Endura Rehydration can do all these.

endura rehydration

Endura Gel: Get an energy boost just before starting the race by taking 1-2 energy gels with some water just before the race. Endura Gel will provide you with a caffeine hit, together with quick carbohydrates to get immediate energy and slow release carbohydrate for slow sustained energy release. Easiest and most cost effective product to take for first-time participants.

endura energy gels

Endura Optimizer: This is an easy to digest energy food which provides a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, peptide-bonded amino acids and additional vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of fuel for working muscles and other tissues and is also lactose free.

Endura Optimizer

Source: Endura Sports Nutrition (Health World Ltd) 


How to use these products

endurance table

Not sure which supplement is right for you or need more info?

Looking too confusing or not sure which supplement is right for you? We are happy to help you plan your supplement and nutrition for your next race/marathon. Simply contact us:

Address: Shop M05, Level 2 Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney (by the Greenwood Plaza foot-bridge, opposite Fitness First).

Phone: (02) 9955 3440

Fax: (02) 9955 3460


Important note: Never use any products for the first time on race day. This is a guide only and recommendations will change depending on the type and length of activity. contact us for a personalised plan.

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