Controlled Labs White Flood - 124g

Brand: Controlled Labs
Product Code: Controlled Labs White Flood - 124g
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Controlled Labs White Flood - 124g

When it comes to pre-workout nitric oxide supplements, Controlled Labs White Flood will absolutely drench you in energy. This energy enhancement drink queues in the citrulline, carnitine and ornithine to levels that have proven to enhance both the natural anabolic effects that come about during weightlifting, and the extreme gains of strength every athlete seeks in only a matter of weeks.

In every dose of the unique Controlled Labs White Flood compound formula you’ll find Norvaline. Controlled Labs has added a proprietary delivery system using Norvaline that’s key to the quick absorption of the energy enhancers, and it concurrently works in prolonging the effects of each - citrulline, carnitine and ornithine. Add to this White Flood the efficient oxygen transporting and lactic acid reducing effects of Beta-Alanine, and you’ll quickly see why this is a prime weight lifting supplement that’s a must for anyone looking for the energy to put on the mass.

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