Dymatize Super Amino 6000 - 500 Caps

Brand: Dymatize
Product Code: Dymatize Super Amino 6000 - 500 Caps

Dymatize Super Amino 6000 - 500 Caps

Dymatize Super Amino 6000 is a high performance protein and amino complex that’s free of fillers, gelatin and even soy proteins. Supported with:

  • BCAA’s
  • Glutamine
  • and Arginine

The extended release formula is supplied in small coated capsules that go down easy and provide a sustained fuel of amino acids - the proper amount needed to generate the massive strength and size gains that athletes come to expect from products such as Dymatize Super Amino 6000.

The synergistic effect of the Dymatize Super Amino 6000 Extended Release Formula gives you a high potency formula that’s like having a "ready-to-go" muscle fuel in a bottle. For building size, this protein / amino acid complex is ideal and with 500 capsules per bottle, it’s a steal. Try this premium extended-release amino complex and watch its unprecedented muscle-building ability go to work.

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