Endura Over Training Formula - 60 Caps

Brand: Endura
Product Code: Endura Over Training Formula - 60 Caps

Endura Over Training Formula - 60 Caps

Almost as bad as under-training is over training. Breaking your body down severely can lead to a variety of ailments, even including sickness. It’s not uncommon though, so Endura developed an herbal formula to combat the bodies tendency to fall into this common problem of over training.

Endura Over Training Formula is especially formulated to assist your body in dealing with over exertion and the sometimes unavoidable circumstances it arises from intense training and competition.

Endura Overtraining Formula is made up of 5 forms of ginseng including:

  • Siberian
  • Indian
  • Korean
  • Tienchi
  • American ginsengs

The ginsengs included in this special formula have all been shown to enhance the retention of glycogen and improve stamina; both which will help keep you going! So whether you’re fighting to stay up with the competitive training demands or the over exertion associated with every competition, Endura Over Training Formula will help.

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