Fat Gripz (Fat Grips) - Force USA

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Product Code: Fat Gripz (Fat Grips) - Force USA

Fat Gripz (Fat Grips) - Force USA

There’s that next weight you’ve been trying to lift. Use it to gain muscle and strength faster than you ever have before with Fat Gripz. Fat Gripz are one of the latest sensations in bodybuilding and have been actually been called "the biggest thing to happen to weight training in the last decade". Fat Gripz are said to be so good that even members of the NFL teams, the top UFC fighters and champion powerlifters are putting them to use.

Fat Gripz work by converting standard weightlifting bars into “thick bars”. The thicker diameter of the handles hyper-stimulates muscles in the hands, forearms, upper arms and the entire upper body - and the more muscle activation your body engages in, the bigger and stronger your muscles become.

Instantly convert the following into Thick Bars:

  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Chin-up bars
  • Exercise machines

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