Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel - 280ml

Brand: Gen-Tec Nutrition
Product Code: Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel - 280ml

Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel - 280ml

With Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel fat loss doesn’t have to be a tiring process. No skipping meals, feeling drained, lethargy or the like. You’ll have and actually feel the power to get you through the day and even have the most amazing cardio and weight training workouts.

Take off the fat with Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel. Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel is powered by an herbal blend combined with minerals and amino acids that synergistically work to metabolise fat while not only maintaining energy levels, but increasing them.

Gen-tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel’s synergistic formula includes:

  • L-Carnitine
  • Choline
  • Inositol

The combination leads to exceptional fat drops as they work together to take fat into the mitochondria where your body then fires it up for fuel and you burn it away as fast as humanly possible!

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