San Pure Green Tea - 60 Caps

Brand: San
Product Code: San Pure Green Tea - 60 Caps

San Pure Green Tea - 60 Caps

Do you want to lose weight and support your immune system at the same time? Then Ultra –Pure Green Tea extract is for you. It works by stimulating weight loss and acting as a free radical oxidizer. SAN’s Ultra-Pure Green Tea Extract decreases the digestibility of dietary fats by limiting the gastric and pancreatic lipase (an enzyme that aids the breakdown of fats). As these enzymes play such major roles in the digestion of fats into the body, when they are inhibited the amount of fat that is absorbed is less and more is expelled from the body. SAN’s Ultra –Pure Green Tea Extract is also an appetite suppressant due to the fact that it contains tea polyphenols which elevate the hormone cholecystokinin that decreases your food intake. As well as its lipolytic (fat burning) properties the green tea extract also contains  powerful antioxidants which help to support your immune system and prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals.

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