Poliquin Pill Box

Brand: Poliquin
Product Code: Poliquin Pill Box

Poliquin Pill Box

Maybe you too have tried a billion different pill boxes and often times picking the coolest colors and designs. You’ve probably found out by now that looks aren’t everything - at least not when it comes to pill boxes. Most break within a limited amount of time. Others seem to have a mind of their own and won’t just stay closed after a certain point. You know the deal.

The Poliquin Pill Box is a sturdy pill box that gets you organized in a flash. WIth 9 chambers in all, you have plenty of room to divide and carry all you need to get the most out of your daily pill supplements. It’s a great box at a reasonable price and the only thing ultimately fancy about it is that it’s by Poliquin Performance, a company built by world sport trainer, Coach Poliquin.

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