Prima Force Agmatine - 30g

Brand: Prima Force
Product Code: Prima Force Agmatine - 30g

Prima Force Agmatine - 30g

Prima Force Agmatine is considered by many to be the latest “super arginine” because Agmatine is a decarboxylated metabolite of L-Arginine, but unlike L-Arginine clinical tests have brought back positive results that Agmatine may soon be a popular supplement for a number of ailments that L-Arginine itself is directly not. Including nerve pain, chemical addiction, heart protection and overall cognitive health!

As it applies to weightlifting and bodybuilding, agmatine can inhibit nitric oxide synthesis which brings about huge potential increases in muscle power and pumps. Combine all those factors together and you have an overall wellness supplement in Prima Force Agmatine. One that helps you keep your head on straight and gives you NO for powerful workouts, all at the same time.

Based on clinical research, Prima Force Agmatine may also assist to:

  • Promotes the release of insulin
  • Enhance the uptake of calcium
  • Supports stress management

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