BIO X Power Whey - ~900g

Brand: BIO X
Product Code: BIO X Power Whey - ~900g
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BIO X Power Whey - ~900g

The delicious vanilla and chocolate Power Whey Complex from Bio X will take your tired old training or bodybuilding regime and kick it in to touch!

Start developing lean muscle and gain more endurance than ever before with this powerful sports nutrition. Power Whey will also help your tired muscles and tissues repair themselves after an intensive workout.


  • The Bio X Power Whey Complex™ is created using a unique three tier protein matrix which consists of a 100% cross flow micro-filtered and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, a 100% cross flow micro-filtered, ultra-filtered and dia-filtered whey protein isolate and an enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein
  • The Bio X exclusive filtration process isolates the protein which means that all of the crucial whey fractions stay intact
  • Power Whey Complex is formulated using advanced flavouring technology which provides superior taste
  • Has a lactose level of below 4.5% which makes it much easier to tolerate than some whey supplements on the market

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