Dymatize Elite Whey (All Natural) - 2.26kg

Brand: Dymatize
Product Code: Dymatize Elite Whey (All Natural) - 2.26kg
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Dymatize Elite Whey (All Natural) - 2.26kg

If you’re looking to build it all“All Natural”, then this is it. Dymatize Elite Whey is a protein formula made from the best and most natural whey protein you can get.

Dymatize “All Natural” Elite Whey has extremely high amounts of BCAAs which fuel tired muscles that undergo intense training and once absorbed, the BCAA’s are quickly put to work by your power depleted muscles as they begin repairing them and exciting the growth of cells.

Every serving of this tasty award winning whey isolate mixes easily and includes just enough carbs to give you a perk of energy as you absorb it. Dymatize Elite Whey (All Natural) has 0 trans-fats and no sugar, not even any sweeteners, but it surely gives you an amazing 48% of the recommended daily value of protein a bodybuilder needs - in every single serving.

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