BSC Body Plus Lo Carb Bar (40g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)

Brand: Body Science (BSC)
Product Code: BSC Body Plus Lo Carb Bar (40g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)
* Flavours:

BSC Body Plus Lo Carb Bar (40g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)

With lemon meringue, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate flavours to choose from you're sure to fall for the Body Science (BSC) Body Plus Lo Carb Bar.

Whether you're on the Atkins Diet or just making an effort to eat less carbs, these tasty bars are perfect for grabbing a pick-me-up when you're on the run - without ruining your good eating habits.


  • Low in carbohydrate, fat AND calories!
  • Contains patented fat burners and lipotropics
  • Also packed full of L-Carnitine, green tea, garcinia cambogia (HCA) and soy lecithin which will speed up your metabolism - naturally
  • Nutritious and high in protein for extra energy
  • Provides 10% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals
  • Banish hunger whilst staying faithful to your diet with one of 3 delicious flavours

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