BSc Nitrovol Bar (Buy 12 and SAVE)

Brand: Body Science (BSC)
Product Code: BSc Nitrovol Bar (Buy 12 and SAVE)
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BSc Nitrovol Bar (Buy 12 and SAVE)

Packed into this bar is the same muscle building, ingestion enhancing formula put into the BSC Nitrovol powder. Except this version of the athlete building formula is condensed into a perfect on-the-go gourmet bar that tastes great, has premium amino enriched proteins and makes for the ultimate muscle building snack for the athlete on-the-go. Each bar is made with an enormous 27 grams of muscle building proteins and the needed aminos, creatine, l-glutamine, valine, isoleucine, arginine and leucine necessary to enhance workout recovery. To top it off, these high energy power bars are covered in layers of peanut butter (or choc mocha), nuts and high-protein chocolate. Buy 12 (a dozen) and grab the discount!

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