Endura Energy Bars (60g) (Buy 10 and SAVE)

Brand: Endura
Product Code: Endura Energy Bars (60g) (Buy 10 and SAVE)

Endura Energy Bars (60g) (Buy 10 and SAVE)

Need a quick bite of great tasting protein while on-the-go? Endura Energy Bars have what you need. Packed with with 8.1g of protein per bar and 38.2g or carbs, you’ll not only have the energy you need to lift that weight you’re striving for, but the protein you need as well to develop the muscle you want from lifting it! Combine with that the approximately 20 other essential vitamins and minerals it contains (including a patented form of magnesium called, Meta Mag), and you have a perfectly balanced energy bar that’s highly absorbable and ready to work for you. Endura Energy Bars make high-energy carbohydrates and body building protein a delight to eat.

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