Horleys Carb Less Bars (55g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)

Brand: Horleys
Product Code: Horleys Carb Less Bars (55g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)
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Horleys Carb Less Bars (55g) (Buy 12 and SAVE)

There’s nothing better than great tasting snacks, except snacks that are low in carbs, high in protein and amazing in taste! Horleys Carb Less Bars fit the bill. These snack bars are extremely low in caloric value when compared to bars that contain sugars and other carbs and they're the perfect mid morning or mid afternoon snacks.

Horleys Carb Less Bars contain both soy and milk products, but absolutely no gluten. Try a different flavor each day of the week to spice things up and still get 18.2 grams of protein per 55g bar!

  • Double Dutch Choc Fudge Flavour
  • Coconut Brownie Flavour
  • Banana Caramel Flavour

Horleys Carb Less Bars are perfect to include in a health conscious reduced carb diet and make the for the perfect snack in between your regular meals.

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