Carlson Golden Aloe - 60 Caps

Brand: Carlson
Product Code: Carlson Golden Aloe - 60 Caps

Carlson Golden Aloe - 60 Caps

Since 1965, Carlson Laboratories has been producing a healthy product line of high grade vitamins and herbal supplements and their Carlson Golden Aloe caps surely follow suit. Try this 60 cap allotment of 100 mg Softgel Golden Aloe capsules, made from the finest of standardized Aloe Vera extracts and see why natural remedies can be some of the best you’ll ever find.

Aloe Vera has been used for millenniums and is widely noted for its natural healing properties. From promoting the healing of topical cuts to assisting in the process of digestion, Aloe Vera does more than most have ever imagined. Carlson Golden Aloe caps contain this most precious Aloe gel, freeze dried from Carlson’s very own Aloe Vera Concentrate. Take one pill and you’ve had the equivalent amount of an entire cup of Aloe drink. Simply put, adding Carlson Golden Aloe caps to supplement your daily diet will practically heal your body, from the inside out.

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