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Senior's Health

Looking after your health is possible at any age thanks to Performance Sports Nutrition's range of health care supplements for seniors. Whether your joints need a little extra help with easing up, you want to ensure a properly functioning cardiovascular system or you're looking to prevent soft tissue and bone deterioration we have something for you.

We stock products that promote wellbeing in those of a certain age from Ethical Nutrients Doctor's Best, Futurebiotics, NOW and Source Natural - all highly reputable brands.

Don't live near our North Sydney store? It's not a problem; shop online and we'll send your order to anywhere in Australia.

It is highly recommended that you read all instructions on the packaging of any supplements you are considering taking.

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Doctors Best Vitamin k2 - 60 Caps
Doctors Best Vitamin k2 contains pure, high quality MenaQ7, well known for its quick ability to..
Ethical Nutrients Ethical Bone Builder - 60 Tablets
Your bones support everything you have. From the muscles that move them, to the tendons that a..
Ethical Nutrients Glucosamine Joint Ease - 60 Tablets
When you need a supplement to help relieve the pain associated with swelling and inflammation ..
Ethical Nutrients Joint Ease Combination - 60 Tablets
When it comes to our bones, there’s nothing better than pain free movement. Unfortunately our ..
NOW Joint Support Powder - 312g
NOW Joint Support Powder gives your body what it needs to have healthy joints. Glucosamine is the jo..
Source Natural L-Cycteine - 100g
Source Naturals L-Cysteine Powder contains a free-form amino acid that is beneficial for many..