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Vitamins & Minerals

Whether it's due to our diets, our lifestyle or health factors many of us miss out on the essential vitamins that help to maintain a healthy body and mind. Make sure you're not one of them by supplementing missing vitamins or minerals with Performance Sports Nutrition.

We have a large range of dietary supplements including powder supplements, multi-vitamin capsules, K2 vitamins, chromium sugar balance capsules, vitamin B, C, D and E supplements, St. John's Wort tablets, digestive aids, hair skin and nails tablets, coenzyme Q10 absorption capsules, iron tablets, weight loss supports, green tea capsules, mineral drops and superfood powders.

Whatever your requirements, you're sure to find help in our North Sydney shop or here online. We'll even ship your order directly to you anywhere in Australia.

It is recommended that you read all information carefully before taking any vitamins or minerals.

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"THE DETOX" PACK: Barlean's Greens Chocolate Silk Powder (45 Serve) + Allmax Glutamine (400g)
Put a spring in your step, the tasty way, with the Barlean Chocolate Silk Greens powder supplement. ..
Barlean's Greens Chocolate Silk Powder - 45 Serves
Put a spring in your step, the tasty way, with the Barlean Chocolate Silk Greens powder supplement. ..
Barlean's Super Fruit Greens Strawberry Kiwi - 30 Serves
Whether you're exercising on a regular basis or you could just do with a little more energy, Barlean..
BSC Multi Vitamin (with Executive Stress Formula) - 30 Caps
Our busy lifestyles, modern environments and diet can all lead to us not getting quite the right amo..
Doctors Best Vitamin k2 - 60 Caps
Doctors Best Vitamin k2 contains pure, high quality MenaQ7, well known for its quick ability to..
Dymatize Z-Force - 120 Caps
Dymatize Z-Force was specifically designed to help deal with declining hormone levels in athletes. H..
Ethical Nutrients Chromium Sugar Balance - 60 Caps
We all know that an abundance of sugar in the body has a number of harmful effects, but there ..
Ethical Nutrients Clinical St John's Wort - 60 Tablets
Irregular mood swings can be brought on for a number of reasons. Lack of sleep, improper diet,..
Ethical Nutrients Daily D - 270 Caps
Ethical Nutrients Daily D - 60 Caps
Clinical studies over the years have found vitamin D to be prevalent in healthy individuals. I..
Ethical Nutrients Digestive Plus - 90 Tabs
Improper digestion is the most common cause for indigestion and the lack of proper nutrient in..
Ethical Nutrients Ethical Bone Builder - 60 Tablets
Your bones support everything you have. From the muscles that move them, to the tendons that a..
Ethical Nutrients Extra C - 100g Powder
Growing up most of us heard that drinking a glass of orange juice is a great source of vitamin..
Ethical Nutrients Extra C - 60 Tabs
Ethical Nutrients Healthy Hair Skin Nails - 30 Tablets
When it’s time for a supplement to enhance the growth of healthy hair, skin & nails you’ll be ..