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What are Super Greens Powders & What are their Benefits?

What are Super Greens powders?

Super Greens powders (also referred to as "greens") is a superfood powder. Most include fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, herbs that help cleansing, detoxifying, immune system support and digestive health. Some products have even more inclusions, such as extra fibre, antioxidants, etc. 

Now, what is a "superfood"? Basically, a product that is considered highly nutritious and is very beneficial for well-being.


Benefits of super green powders:

There is a huge list of advantages in using super greens powders. These may include:

  • Improved energy & feeling of well-being
  • Better recovery from training
  • Can bump-up fruit & vegetable intake on days where you may not be meeting your required intake
  • Assists with cleansing & detox (used a couple times in a day after "silly-seasons" can help you get back  to normal quicker)
  • Improves digestive health 
  • Greens are alkaline, so they improve pH balance. This is particularly important for anyone:
    • feeling unwell;
    • if you feel "blah" (not technical, but you know what we mean) 
    • people who train, anyone under stress (work, life, love, family)
    • if you drink alcohol;
    • or if you find you have been eating out more, or not eating as well as you like.


Who should us Greens?

Ummm.... EVERYONE! Everyone can benefit from using a greens powder. In particular:

  • Anyone who trains - body becomes very acidic and throws off your pH balance. This can weaken you immune system, meaning you can get sick and recovery takes longer. Greens re-balances pH levels to combat this.
  • Stressed individuals - if you are under work, love, marriage, family, or just life stresses, greens can assist in rebalancing the body. Stress is another issue that can cause major pH imbalances in the body. 
  • Needing energy - greens is an easily digested and absorbed products. Consuming first thing in the morning and/or in the afternoon, you can get a hit of natural energy as the body quickly and efficiently absorbed all the vitamins and minerals.
  • No time to get sick - keep your immune system in check by having a serve a day. We found many of our customers tell us how beneficial it's been in regards to maintaining health and avoiding flus.
  • General Well-Being - just waiting to make sure you stay healthy and feeling good


Brands we stock:


If you need more help on this topic or more information, please feel free to email us at

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