Membership Terms & Conditions

PSN Membership Terms & Conditions

The Performance Sports Nutrition (PSN) membership provides discounts on purchases made by the Members at the point-of-sale. Discount values may vary by member and/or product. The Member agrees with and acknowledges the following:

  1. No fees or charges apply to the PSN membership.
  2. At the discretion of PSN management, discounts may not apply to some products or may have specific discount values associated with them.
  3. Discount applies at the point-of-sale. Once the transaction has been completed, discounts for the particular purchase will no longer apply.
  4. PSN staff have been trained to ask customers for their membership card at the point-of-sale. In any case, it is the responsibility of the member to advise the PSN staff of their membership to receive their discount.
  5. If the member does not have their membership card available at the point-of-sale, PSN staff can search for the member’s membership number in the PSN system and apply the discount.
  6. Discounts do not apply to bars & cookies, clothing and accessories, fresh shakes and products already discounts (e.g. sale items).
  7. Members may at times receive coupons which are redeemable at PSN. Terms and conditions on these coupons will vary. See individual coupon for full details.
  8. Members will receive regular email communication in the form of the PSN eNewsletter. By becoming a PSN member, you give permission to Performance Sports Nutrition to contact you through email via the PSN eNewsletter. The eNewsletter will provide members with health and fitness related information and articles, monthly specials, discount coupons, sales notifications and more. A valid email must be provided for the member to receive the PSN eNewsletter. Members are able to unsubscribe from the eNewsletter at anytime.
  9. The Member must notify PSN of any change of personal details affecting the membership records, most importantly first name, last name and a valid email address. The notification may be done via phone (02)9955 3440, fax (02) 9955 3460, email or in person by visiting the PSN store, Shop M05, Level 2, Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney NSW 2060.
  10. PSN may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Terms and conditions will be updated on the PSN website accordingly.
  11. If a membership card is lost or damaged, PSN can provide the member with a new membership card for free.
  12. If the Member returns/returns the goods (if a refund is applicable based on the PSN refund/return policy), the refund will be for the total amount actually paid by the member (full price minus the discount).
  13. By using the PSN membership card, or providing the staff with details to attain a discount at the point-of-sale, the member agrees to these terms and conditions.

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