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Muscle Meals Are Now Here… 
Pick-up From North Sydney Saturday 1pm.

Are you tired or too busy to prepare healthy meals? Is it getting too expensive to get all you’re meals done? Is the difficulty of food prep slowing down your results? Then this is PERFECT!

What Are Muscle Meals?

These are pre-prepared meals, pre-weighed with all your protein veg and carbs (if you need). Foods are prepared and frozen and you simply defrost as you need them.

There are “Standard” sizes recommended for men, where all meals have 200g of protein. There is also a “Lite” version for women which consists of 100g of protein. If you need more or less protein, meals can be customised in the order form.
There are a variety of meals, rotations of protein and they actually taste good. Some of the delicious meals include sirlon steak, kangaroo sausages, chicken breast, salmon, barrumundi, and even more options, with a variety of sauces, fresh vegetables and optional carbohydrates.

How Does It Work?

  • Go to and place your order by Wednesday midnight
  • Be sure to select “Performance Sports Nutrition” as your pick-up location.
  • Your food gets delivered to the shop the following Saturday at 1pm (we are open until 3pm for pick-ups)
  • As a courtesy, we text you as soon as the food has been delivered and is ready for pick-up
  • You place your order weekly as you need your meals. 
All you do is pick-up your meals once a week from our store (North Sydney) and you’re ready for the week. Food is already frozen, so you keep the food drozen and simply thaw meals you need for the following day.

Prices vary based on what you order, how much you order and if you make additional changes. You can check the exact pricing as you place your order at There are also a variety of meals numbers you can order, so this will also vary the price.

How To Order

Go To and Place Your Order Today (Remember All Orders Must Be In By Wednesday Midnight For Pick-up On Saturday From “Performance Sports Nutrition”)

Other Information

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If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us or call Muscle Meals Direct, directly on 1300 801 023.