ATP Science Capzea Pain Relief Liniment 50ml



Brand: ATP Science
Product Code: ATP Science Capzea Pain Relief Liniment 50ml

ATP Science Capzea Pain Relief Liniment 50ml
Roll up and roll on, Capzea is our roll-on liniment designed to help block pain at the receptor site and improve pain relief of muscles, joints and nerves. Reduce inflammation, improve range of movement and if applied within 4 hours of the trauma can help to reduce the outcome of bruising at the site. It is very low-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin, just don’t rub it in your eyes – We found that out the hard way!

Called Capzea for two of the key ingredients…CAPsacian & KunZEA, these two wickedly amazing & efficacious plants are fantastic for topical application to reduce pain & modulate inflammation.

So many uses:
– Awesome for colds and flus; roll onto the sole of feet and pop on some socks before bed or on your chest
– Safe for use on the elderly & children/teenagers
– Great for reducing & minimizing growing pains in kids (big & small)
– Sore joints and muscles; post exercise soreness (DOMS) and arthritis (Rheumatoid & Osteo)
– Increases ROM (range of motion) by reducing muscle stiffness & tendon inflammation
– Roll onto lower abdomen if experiencing cyclical period pain
– Reducing inflammation; hardcore gym goers, powerlifters, F45, CrossFit, runners…
– Neuropathic Pain; nerve pain, sciatic pain, neck pain from working at a desk all day
– Brings bruises to the surface if applied within a 4 hour period; reduces corks in the muscle
– Removes & reduces the presentation of Uric Acid in sufferers of Gout whilst reducing inflammation
– Headache & Migraine analgesic relief provided by the cooling effect of menthol from Peppermint Oil while increasing skin permeation
– Capsaicin for blocking & modulating pain receptors in the body by binding to receptors & reducing sensitivity, ultimately resulting in desensitization
– EFA containing carrier oils, including oleic acid, steric acid, linoleic & linolenic acids for increased permeability of the skin membranes
– Insect bites, small cuts & superficial wounds, will aid as an antiseptic to induce wound healing


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